It is our joy to come alongside the local church in their effort to effectively ASSEMBLE, thoroughly EQUIP, and SEND short-term teams to the mission field.

We are about sharing our faith with boldness! It’s not unusual to find a SOS team member on top of a bus in the busiest market place in town sharing the Gospel to hundreds of people. We are also about loving the poorest of the poor and ministering to children in a powerful way.

Everything we expect from you on the mission field we will train you for it. We love seeing christians becoming radical-Jesus-disciples when they leave their comfort zones, are trained well, and are launched into a modern-day Book of Acts life.

The SOS “Adventure” is found when we land in a very different city, meet people with unorthodox customs, unfamiliar languages, but with a desperate, and unusual thirst for the Gospel we carry.

Our “Adventure” is found when the blind-from-birth-man approaches us while being guided by his best friend, and he says, “I want to see my children before I die, can you help me?”

Our “Adventure” is found when demons manifest, when we kneel to wash the feet of the poor, care for their wounds, or when we embrace and cry with those who haven’t felt a warm hug in a while. However, nothing brings us more joy then when we see someone coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That drives our mission from begining to end.

While your experience is important to us and your safety our priority our focus is primarily on those we are serving. No exaggeration, thousands of people will be impacted when you say “yes” to an SOS Adventure. Our trips are not easy, nor are they comfortable, but they are life-changing, joy-filled and worth it. Find out more.


Come and live the book of acts with us!

Whether you are an individual longing to live out the Book of Acts or a pastor looking to send a team to a life-changing mission, SOS Adventure can come alongside you. Joining us will launch you into a deeper, stronger relationship with Jesus while seeing the Gospel miraculously transform thousands of lives. Every person who comes with us will experience what they read in the word: loving people, preaching Jesus, and reaching the nations!

Discover your adventure