Fernando DeCarvalho

Director & Co-evangelist

[email protected]

Peter Almqvist

Festival Technical & Logistic Director

[email protected]

Samuel Strandberg

Asia Director & Evangelist

[email protected]

Tiffany Freeman

Director of Operations

[email protected]

Lance Stoddart

Director of Mobilization & Team Logistics

[email protected]

Jeff Wagner

Mission Opportunity Director

[email protected]

Lauren Wiberg

Kid's Evangelist & Director

[email protected]

Dr. Huruma Nkone

Africa Office Director

[email protected]

Elias Knudtzon

Festival Media Director

[email protected]

Martina Almqvist

International Admin for Johannes Amritzer

[email protected]

Suzette Keefer

U.S Admin for Johannes Amritzer

[email protected]

Milana Ballard

Admin for Fernando DeCarvalho

[email protected]

Josy Dusabe

International Intercessory Department Leader

josy.dusa[email protected]

SOS Adventure is led entirely by volunteers. Beyond those listed here are many more who are too numerous to include, yet give generously of their time, talent, and energy to spread the Gospel, all living by the SOS Core Values.