The Harvest Internship



To raise up Jesus' disciples to the mission field for the end-time harvest.

Who We Are


The Harvest Internship is a 10-month, full immersion, evangelistic training in the wild African frontiers. A powerful launchpad to soul-winning ministry! Not for the faint-at-heart, but for those passionate about soul-winning and have a unique yearning to leave the ordinary, civilian-life behind and make Jesus's great commission, their mission! Our purpose is simple: To equip and launch Jesus disciples to the mission field for the end-time harvest.

You will bunk at our dorms and live among the Massai and Gussi peoples at the SOS base in Kilgoris Kenya, right on the border of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Our interns will cross many borders traveling from nation to nation with our festival team, mobilizing cities for the Gospel, learning in makeshift classrooms, working side-by-side with our leaders, and preaching in every venue imaginable. You don't need to have much experience, we will give you that. We do need to know that you are called to be an evangelist.

From foundational classroom time to powerful hands-on training in a multicultural context, interns have a unique opportunity to walk into the nucleus of God's purpose for their lives. It will be an adventure of a lifetime that will add thousands to the Book of Life.

Jesus asked us to pray in Matthew 9, "Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." The question is: Are you the worker? The harvest field is waiting for you and The Harvest Internship might be your bridge to the field!

The Harvest Internship


Core Elements:



During the SOS Mission Bible School season of your internship, you will receive a powerful mix of sound biblical teaching to build a firm foundation and a strong inner life where you can be led by the Holy Spirit.


During the 10 months you will have over 100 hours of evangelism-focused training. Evangelists, ministry leaders, department heads, missionaries, and the like will take time to invest in you, answer questions, and lead hands-on training experiences.


You will cross many African frontiers with our evangelistic convoy, rub shoulders with every department head, preach in many different spaces. You will learn by doing the work of an evangelist and be coached in the entire process. 


Now that you are fully immersed in evangelism, in the mission field, and you have a vast amounts of knowledge and experience, where do you go from here? We will facilitate and equip you for your next move by giving you the training as well as open doors in many departments in SOS. If that's not enough, you can graduate being credentialed as an official minister of the Gospel, recognized in every continent.

Our Base


Our SOS Africa Headquarters is in Kilgoris, Kenya. Kilgoris is where our Apostolic Center is located as well as the leadership academy, the SOS Kilgoris Church, and The Harvest Internship base, where you will bunk with like-minded people.

The apostolic base leader in Kilgoris is Evangelist Samuel Strandberg with his wife Gabrielle and two children. Everything in Kilgoris is under Samuel's leadership. The SOS Kilgoris Church pastor, Joseph Kiptek, is an old Massai tribe leader who gave his life to Jesus over 20 years ago after hearing Evangelist Johannes preach in his village.

You will learn, live, eat, laugh, pray, preach, work, and worship with them and their families as well as other missionaries from our team living in Kilgoris. You will live in our Africa standard dorms, eat well, and have hot showers when you return home. You will have classroom time and in-action training while traveling across African countries, reaching unreached people groups, preaching from a variety of platforms, rubbing-shoulders with those doing the work you dream about, and live-out your dream with them. Oh, your backyard is Massai Mara, one of the wildest game reserves on the planet. It will be an adventure of a lifetime that will give eternal life to thousands.

The Faculty

The Harvest Internship
Evangelist Johannes Amritzer
Internship President

With more than 25 years of preaching experience including more than 100 mega-crusades on 4 different continents, millions of people have heard the precious message of the Gospel through Evangelist Johannes ministry. He is Austrian, lives in Sweden, is the president of SOS, and the head evangelist. He is the apostolic dad to many church plants, missionaries, and bible schools scattered around the world.

The Harvest Internship
Evangelist Samuel Strandberg
Mission Bible School Director

For 5 years Sam was a pioneer missionary in the third holiest city of Islam, Harar, Ethiopia. As an evangelist with a burning passion for the unreached, he has preached many crusades in Hindu & Muslim tribes and villages, leading thousands to Jesus. Today, he is the Apostolic base leader and Bible School Director in Kilgoris, Kenya.

The Harvest Internship
Evangelist Fernando DeCarvalho
Internship Director

Fernando is the SOS Adventure's Director and The Harvest Internship Director. His evangelistic journey started one-on-one to heroin addicts and felons while owning his businesses in Pittsburgh, USA. He preached his first crusade in the communist country of Cuba, then San Pedro de Sula, Honduras, and then, Africa, where his ministry was established through SOS. Over a million people have heard the message of Jesus in the last 5 years through SOS Adventure, and thousands have been trained and sent to the mission field under his direction.

The Harvest Internship
Pastor Walter Zuniga

Walter is a church planter and missionary born in El Salvador, Central America and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He was sent to Bulgaria where he lived and preached for five years, learned his fourth language, planted an SOS Church, and established our missionary base among gypsies. For 10 years he was the lead pastor of our SOS "mother" church located in Stockholm. He is a powerful preacher, pastor, and missionary. Soul-winning for Walter happens daily and organically through good friendships, house churches, and authentic love for people.

The Harvest Internship
Fiore Londino
Festival Director

Fiore, AKA The True Italian Stallion, is the SOS Adventure Festival Director. While based out of the USA, he spends most of the year in Africa building relationships, mobilizing local committees, making site selections, leading prayer rallies, directing equipment logistics, and raising up workers to carry-out our festivals.

The Harvest Internship
Pastor Christopher Franberg

Christopher resides in Stockholm, Sweden where he is the SOS Church lead pastor, SOS Mission Bible School, and Leadership Academy Director. He is a missionary in his own city and church which houses over 70 nationalities. Weekly, Afgany Muslims, and Syrians are being led to Jesus, baptized and disciplined. Every year Pastor Christopher trains and leads hundreds of men and women to the mission field.

The Harvest Internship



Passionate for Jesus
Passionate for soul-winning
Fluent in the English Language
In good health emotionally, physically and spiritually 

*In order to be accepted into the program, you will undergo an intensive application and interview process.


The cost for the school is $11,000. This cost includes all tuition expenses for the Mission Bible School and the Internship, application fees, room & board including breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day during school days and weekends. All in-country travel expenses such as hotels, bus-rentals, flights, meals, visa fees, permits and health insurance are also included. It does not include your flight to Kenya, passport fees, or immunizations.

Due Dates

  1. $200 Application fee is due at the time of registration
The Harvest Internship

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