Send a Team

“One of our greatest joy, as a short-term mission organization, is to come alongside the local church in their efforts to raise up Book of Acts believers and reach the nations with the message of the Gospel.”

– Fernando DeCarvalho, SOS Director

Why SOS:

Team Building Support

The SOS Team will provide coaching and tools to equip the local church leadership on how to grow the team, such as how to plan for an effective Vision Trip Meeting.

One-to-One Coaching

SOS leadership provides one-on-one coaching for each team leader. We provide effective training, so that even after your SOS mission trip, you will be prepared to lead other mission trips.

Team Training

SOS provides all the training videos and materials for you and your team. Our time-tested training sessions ensure that each member of your team will be properly prepared when they arrive on the mission field.

Long-term Discipleship

We view this mission opportunity as a discipleship boot-camp and faith-adventure. All team members will be well trained, before, during, and after the mission, to live the Book of Acts for the rest of their lives.

Life-changing Experience

We often read things in the Word that we don’t experience in our every-day lives. The Bible comes to life as our team members experience first-hand miracles, healings, and people being set free from demonic possession. Those who come will never be the same.

Effective Ministry

Millions of people in Africa have not heard the message of Jesus Christ. Through SOS festivals, thousands of individuals receive Christ, experience healings, get baptized in water, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Fundraising Support

Through a robust curriculum, we equip each individual to defeat their fears regarding finances and empower them to have a healthy perspective about giving, saving, and fundraising. We provide practical resources and advice to help all team members raise prayer and financial support.

Experienced Leadership

For more than two decades, SOS leaders have been engaged in global missions in more than 80 countries. We have established time-tested methods and practices for trip logistics and impactful ministry. The safety and health of our team is a high priority for us, executed with the help of strong indigenous relationships and many years of experience.

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