SOS Aid organizes and facilitates compassion-filled projects to meet dire needs around the world.

Help us send eye Glasses to Kenya

Target: $8,000 to cover cost of shipping and tariffs for 18,000 pairs of glasses. SOS Aid will distribute the glasses in festival cities beginning in 2022.

The glasses were donated to SOS Aid by our long-time partner, Mission Vision out of Pittsburgh.

Glasses are high impact way to show Jesus love in Africa. They are needed by young and old and especially the poor. It is estimated the 30% of Africans have no access to glasses.

A pair of glasses can change a life for a school child, ability to see the blackboard may mean the difference between struggling and thriving in the classroom. For an adult impaired vision can impact work and even the ability to us their phone.

Help us make a difference in the lives of many Africans in year ahead.

A schoolgirl noticed a free community eye clinic was in progress at the community gathering place. Persuading her mom to take her, she had high hopes the missionaries running the clinic could help. She was feeling fear and stress on the eve of her certificate exams; passing meant moving into the secondary level education track and a chance to continue learning. She dearly loved school and seemed equipped to follow her dreams of perhaps becoming a teacher or a government worker or maybe even a scientist.

She is a smart girl, and the worry was not about understanding, it was about reading, specifically the blackboard. The teacher wrote all the questions on the blackboard, but she could not easily read them. Often it was such a struggle to see that she had trouble getting her answers written in time.

It seemed that everyone in the whole city was in line that day, but she persuaded her mom to stay and see what could happen. Several hours later, she made it inside the SOS Aid Eye Clinic, and it was her turn to be served. After an examination, she had the chance to tell her story to one of the missionaries fitting glasses. By God’s, grace, a pair of glasses, just right for this schoolgirl, was placed over her eyes and a vivid, clear world came into focus. She left with a sense of joy and courage that would spur her to take the tests with confidence and expectation of a better future.

This schoolgirl was one of the thousands served in past few years. Each person has a story. Each pair of glasses represented a new ability to approach the day’s problems with more clarity.