Signs & Wonders Festivals are the heartbeat of SOS. That is where it all began for us. Over 20 years ago, God called Johannes and Maria Amritzer to take the Gospel to those that have never heard about Jesus, the unreached peoples. To date, we have organized more than 75 festivals around the world and we have seen hundreds-of-thousands of souls saved by Jesus, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and in water. We make it our priority to equip indigenous churches for the effective follow-up and discipleship of those who accept Christ at our festivals. As a direct result of our festivals, more than 600 churches have been planted.

God spoke to Johannes to reach the next generation of Africans by bringing the Gospel to every capital city of Africa. Today, this dream has become a reality through the African Capital City Tour. Our goal is to organize a Signs & Wonders Festival in each of the 54 capital cities in Africa.

SOS is also fully committed to reaching unreached people groups in Asia, with festivals in North India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and more.

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A Full Gospel Ministry Preaching an Uncompromising Message
We make it our priority to partner with, and to serve, local church leaders.
From nation-to-nation, we bring our state-of-the-art stage, lighting and sound equipment for maximum impact.
We bring a team
Most evangelists travel alone. In SOS, an army of well-trained missionaries comes to stir the city with the Gospel, dramas, dances, signs and wonders. In Kampala, for example, we had 240 missionaries in the city with us.

God has called us to reach the unreached and preach in every capital city of Africa.


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“Johannes is a real pioneer-evangelist who goes out and seeks virgin ground everywhere, winning the lost for Jesus. His ministry includes prayer for the sick, and the miracles that follow authenticate his message.”
– Reinhard Bonnke